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Hell is empty, all the Devils are here...

Dream as if you'll live forever... Live as if you'll die today...

Jessie Angel
18 July
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Welcome to my LiveJournal. In here you will find my thotz in plain color. If you are wondering about me... this is who I am:

and my alter ego...


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filthy_harlot - RP Tracking Journal
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My Obsessions



[Just some....] In no particular order

Angel the Series | Buffy the Vampire Slayer | Heroes | InuYasha | Bleach | FireFly | Smallville | Serenity | Lost | Invasion | Carnivale | The Sopranos | Highlander | Entourange | Deadwood | The Stand | SpongeBob Squarepants | Cowboy Bebop | Ghost in the Shell | Full Meal Panic | Sailor Moon | Saturday Night Live | Jackie Brown | Kill Bill Vol. I & II | Pulp Fiction | Snatch | Oz | Sin City | Star Wars I - VI | Lord of the Rings I, II & III | X-Men I, II & III | Spider Man I & II | Dawson's Creek | 24 | Six Feet Under | Sex in the City | Angels in America | Real Time with Bill Maher | Pirates of the Caribbean I & II | Scarface | Seven | Akira





Melly [raining_silence]: Thank you for EVERYTHING!

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